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AD VALOREM is an international and independent design office specialized on construction projects Engineering, Management and Coordination.

We assist firms in Europe and Maghreb on the development and the implementation of their projects. We make architects and engineers at our client’s disposal with the practice of treating complex issues.


Deeply attached to our independence, we have the ambition to be a human-sized firm. This philosophy helps us to build and maintain a special and privileged relationship with our clients.


As a building specialist firm, AD VALOREM will realize all your construction projects.









Founded in 2000 by ESTP engineers AD VALOREM is today a multidisciplinary Design Office, specialised in every field of consulting and engineering:


§  Residential: villas, collective, etc.

§  Hospitality: hotels, restaurants, leisure activities, etc.

§  Equipment: offices, industry, sports, etc.

§  Urbanism: studies, regulation, etc.







AD VALOREM has developed an innovative approach for engineering and real estate, recognized and appreciated by our clients.


Beyond know-how, expertise and skills, we provide to our clients a pragmatic approach; the close relations with our clients and our sense of anticipation are performance accelerators.


We pride ourselves in placing our clients’ best interests first in all that we do and we must always strive for exceptional client satisfaction through the highest level of service.
Professional Standards and Conduct. We will comply with the local professional standards in the countries in which we do business. When on our clients’ premises, we must behave appropriately and professionally and project an image that will reflect positively on the firm.


AD VALOREM’s profitable growth trend is driven by its teams’ experience and know-how. Asset management, building service and maintenance, financial and real estate engineering, asset restructuring and development, marketing, etc. are some of the areas in which the Group has developed expertise.







We know that the quality of our services depends primarily on the quality of women and men who contribute to the projects.


Therefore, we pay high attention in recruiting the best people. Graduates form most prestigious universities, with rich experiences and successful, our resources are determinate to provide the best solutions to our clients.


Today AD VALOREM employs :









Site managers

Projector Draughtsmen

CAO-DAO Draughtsmen






Doctor of land law



Experts agreed by the courts experts





Serve our Clients










Support our People










Respect for Individual


We will accept only excellence in both client service and the quality and supervision
of work; we will not settle for competence alone.
Our client relationships must be founded on mutual respect and we will withdraw if this is unachievable.
We will work only for clients who are willing to compensate us at levels that fairly reflect the value we deliver.

We will protect sensitive, private or confidential client information just as carefully as we protect our own.

Our people will receive career development, guidance, counselling and feedback on their performance.
We will be rewarded through a fair and clearly communicated compensation scheme.
We will avoid and be intolerant of disrespectful behaviour among our people, including toward those who choose to leave the firm.

We will always act as team players within a collaborative corporate culture.

We will expect our achievements to be fairly recognized and our ideas to be encouraged throughout the firm.

We are committed to achieving a healthy balance between business and
private life.


We will treat each other just as we wish to be treated ourselves.

We will respect the differences of our people from around the world and we encourage
diversity within the organization.

Employment decisions shall be based on business reasons such as qualifications, talents and achievements and shall be made in compliance with applicable employment laws.

We must always behave appropriately and professionally with our colleagues, inside and outside the office.


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