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AD VALOREM offers its experience to assist you in realizing your construction projects, restructuring and renovation.


Our dedicated team will provide complete services that will allow you manage your project:

§  Technical Assistance

§  Administrative and legal assistance

§  Financial Assistance


In every stage of your operation, our teams will guide you.


Object: Define the technical and general installations.


§  Analyze and identify existing installation

§  Conduct feasibility studies (detailed scenarios)

§  Assess new needs and new developments to plan

§  Define the expected services

§  Devise a program

§  Establish a list of sub contractors

§  Schedule the entire operation

During the competition stage, we also help our clients for :



§  The organization of the competition,

§  The technical and financial analysis of the project,

§  The choice of winner,

§  The signing of contracts.


Object: Assist and advise our client during the following stages of the conception.



§  Link with the local authorities

§  Provide information and assistance about the local codes and regulations

§  Provide contact information of local sub contractors, suppliers service agencies and conducting preliminary negotiation with the same

§  Provide copies of prevailing local regulations and standards, typical conditions of contract and currently applicable unit rates for the supply and installation of miscellaneous building materials

§  Provide technical and financial analysis of design files:

Ü  APS: Feasibility report

Ü  APD: Preliminary design

Ü  PRO: Project studies

§  Apply, submit and receive the approvals and Building Permit


Object: Represent the client on the construction site particularly during meetings.


§  Ensure the respect of expected disposals,

§  Follow up the contractors during the construction work,

§  Take part in site construction meetings,

§  Check the progress of works,

§  Establish payment orders,

§  Financial monitoring of the project,

§  Assist the project owner during official acceptance of work,

§  Check the final accounts.

During the delivery stage, we assist our clients in operating the building and taking out insurances and guaranties.


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